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PM220 HIP Patching Vehicle

Main features and characteristics

Heating panel
1. Transformable heating panel with a spread width of 3.8 meters is capable of covering pavement distress across the whole lane, especially for transverse cracks.

2. Freetech' s patented intermittent radiant heating technology ensures that the heating temperature and depth meet the maintenance requirements, avoiding overheating or aging.

Asphalt hopper
1. Asphalt hopper with a large volume of 2 m³ Can repair multiple pavement distress at once without refilling back and forth.

2.2 independently-controlled hoppers on the left and right side can be filled with asphalt mixtures of 2 types of gradation, which offers different aggregate for either upper or middle and lower surface course.

Compact design provides remarkable adaptability of all kinds of roads, especially for maintenance in narrow municipal roads and township roads.

Centralized control system makes operation more intuitive and simple.

PM220 provides various optional accessories. Due to our policy of continual improvement, we reserve the right to amend the design or specification without prior notice. Please contact us for more details.

Heating Panel Dimensions 1.9m×1.5m 3.8m×0.75m (transformed)
Chassis GVW 8495kg
Heating&Thermostatic Asphalt Hopper Capacity 2m³
LPG Cylinder 50kg×4
Emulsion Spraying System 100L clog-free, compressed air pressure, automatic heating&thermostatic
Roller Operating Weight:490kg Centrifugal Force:16kN

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