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PM390 HIP Patching Vehicle

Main features and characteristics

Heating panel

1. Transformable heating panel is standard equipment. Meanwhile, with a spread width of 4.8 meters, a left-right rotation angle of 180° And a forward and reverse move mechanism, rotary heating panel is optional, which possesses larger coverage that adapts to multiple irregular pavement distress such as longitudinal, transverse and diagonal cracks and alligator crack of large area with working efficiency significantly increased.

2. Freetech' s patented intermittent radiant heating technology ensures that the heating temperature and depth meet the maintenance requirements, avoiding overheating or aging.

Asphalt hopper

1. Rotary asphalt hopper of 1800kg capacity can heat mixture either during driving or at the site, which suits for maintenance taking long time and distance...

2. Hot air circulation system collects the lost heat and conveys back into the hopper, which enhances the efficiency of heating, saves energy consumption and makes uniform discharge temperature.

3. Patented multistage intermittent rotation control method avoids burning or aggregate segregation of asphalt mixture.

Hot-in-place recycling of old pavement asphalt material after breaking realizes 100% recycling in value.

Fitted with automatic asphalt-loading device makes reduction of uploading time and labor intensity.

Standard gas cylinder system is optional, which is easy to store and replace.

PM390 provides various optional accessories. Due to our policy of continual improvement, we reserve the right to amend the design or specification without prior notice. Please contact us for more details.

Chassis Gross Vehicle Weight:16000kg  Engine Power:155kW
Heating Panel programmable intermittent radiant heating Heating Area:4 m 2
Hopper Type:rotary Capacity:1.8T
Roller Operating Weight:490kg Centrifugal Force:16kN
LPG Tank Capacity:1m³
Emulsion Spraying System clog-free, compressed air pressure, automatic heating&thermostatic functions

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