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TM330 Multi-function Maintenance Vehicle

Main features and characteristics

TM330 is a combo unit integrated the functions of patching, crack sealing and cleaning, promptly solving various types of pavement distress by a single unit.

To meet demands of cold patch either by cold or hot asphalt and maintenance of multiple pavement distress all at once, TM330 integrates 2 hoppers, one for cold asphalt and the other with heating and heat preservation functions. And big-opening design of the hopper provides more convenience for asphalt charging.

Equipped with efficient crack sealing system, the large capacity sealant kettle is heated by far-infrared heating technique, which processes advantages such as quick heating and low energy consumption.

With high pressure water washing system, it's convenient to clean pavement and guard rail.

Ergonomic design of hydraulic lifting platform uses to load and upload auxiliary equipment such as pavement saw and vibratory plate, making more convenience.

Emulsion asphalt system with automatic heating and thermostatic functions ensure normal operation in winter.

Fuel supply adopts standard 50kg LPG cylinder, which is a "green" fuel and easy to replace.

Pneumatic-powered breaker is standard and hydraulic-powered breaker is optional.

TM330 provides various optional accessories. Due to our policy of continual improvement, we reserve the right to amend the design or specification without prior notice. Please contact us for more details.

Chassis Gross Vehicle Weight 16000kg Engine Power 132kW
Hopper Thermostatic Hopper 3T Discharge Gravity Dumping
Crack Sealing System Sealant Kettle Capacity 300L Operating Radius 8m
Washing System Water Tank Capacity 800L
Roller Operating Weight 490kg Centrifugal Force 16kN
Emulsion Spraying System clog-free, compressed air pressure, automatic heating&thermostatic functions
Heating System by LPG LPG Cylinder Capacity 50kg×2
Other air compressing system,  lifting platform,  diesel generator

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